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The most common treatment method doctors recommend for neuropathy is prescription drugs. Many of our patients have complained about not finding relief from their condition with the endless use of prescription drugs. However, at Straight To Health Center we believe that treating the underlying cause of neuropathy will produce lasting results instead of merely masking the symptoms with medication.

Straight To Health Center is proud to offer an advanced therapy program called Neuropathy. Our Neuropathy Program helps to reduce or eliminate neuropathic pain and symptoms— So, you can enjoy life again.

Neuropathy Disorders We May Help

Peripheral neuropathy is the result of sustained nerve damage. But there is hope, as long as the nerves have not sustained more than 85% damage.


Diabetic Neuropathy is a group of nerve disorders that are directly caused by diabetes. Although symptoms will vary between patients, the most common symptoms are; sharp pain and numbness in feet, legs, hands, and arms, dizziness and weakness from a drop in blood pressure, and the loss of balance and coordination.

Reflex Sympathetic

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is a combination of symptoms affecting limbs, including burning or stabbing pain, tenderness, and swelling; discolored, shiny, or thin-looking skin with increased sensitivity to the area; and abnormal sweating patterns, increased nail and hair growth patterns, stiff joints, and coordination issues.

Induced Neuropathy

Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy is a peripheral neuropathy caused by the drugs and chemotherapy used to treat cancer damaging peripheral nerves. The symptoms of this condition depend on what peripheral nerves have damage. Typical symptoms include; tingling, numbness, vertigo, limited extremity usage, muscle weakness, sensitivity to cold and heat, blood pressure changes, and irregular urination patterns.

Neuropathic Pain

Post-surgical neuropathic pain is nerve pain that develops from inflammation of the nerves caused by trauma during surgery. Symptoms may include; tingling or numbness, pins and needles sensations, weakness, and sharp or unsettling pain in the area where surgery occurred. If left untreated, the nerve pain may extend to other parts of the body and cause additional pain.

Brachial Plexus

Brachial Plexus Neuropathy happens when there is an injury near the network of nerves that extend from the spine to the shoulders, arms, and hands. Symptoms can include; pain, lack of movement, and decreased sensation in the shoulders and arms. In most cases, symptoms are only present on the side of the body that sustained the injury.


Post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a condition that arises from complications of the shingles virus damaging the nervous system. The shingles virus itself will show up as blistering or rashes that emit a burning feeling. PHN symptoms can include; sharp, burning, throbbing, or stabbing pain, very itchy skin, sensitivity to temperature, or even numbness.

Our Program Therapies

Our program involves at-home and in-office therapies that have proven been effective for relieving neuropathic symptoms and conditions.

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Patient Success Stories

We have helped many patients improve their neuropathy and chronic conditions, see what patients are saying about us!

Emily J.'s 5 star Google review for neuropathy pain treatment.

I am so glad that I found this clinic! I have struggled with neuropathy pain for several months with little help until going to this clinic. They are always timely, welcoming and the therapy has truly made a huge difference with the tingling and numbness I was experiencing. Dr. Zappile was very impressive and SO knowledgeable about my health issues that I knew immediately I was in good hands. Thank you to the Straight To Health "Family".

Emily J.
Fort Myers, Florida
Gina D.'s 5 star Facebook review for neuropathy pain treatment.

They’ve got the best equipment to help relieve your pain and get you back to living your life. Most importantly, Dr Zappile and her staff are kind and compassionate. They treat you like you’re a family member and want the best outcome for you. They’re the best!!

Gina D.
Fort Myers, Florida
Adriana B. 5 star Google review for neuropathy pain treatment.

Awesome place ,positive enviroment and Dr zappille is a wonderful doctor, she cares about helping people in anyway possible to get them better. I definitely recommend going to them.

Adriana B.
Fort Myers, Florida
5 star RateMd review for neuropathy pain treatment.

I couldn't be happier with the way I was treated in this office. The front desk, therapist, and doctor were great. I feel brand new.

Fort Myers, Florida
Brenda N.'s 5 star Google review for Diabetic Neuropathy

Dr. Zappille is amazing and an inspiration to me. I am a patient of hers. Being treated for Diabetic Neuropathy. Treated by using Laser Therapy. This treatment has given me significant nerve pain relief. I would recommend going and doing this treatment.

Brenda N.
Fort Myers, Florida
Tanner G.'s 5 star Google review for neuropathy pain treatment.

Dr. Zappile, she is very knowledgeable and caring. If you are looking for a solution to pain or other problems then look no further. Fort Myers is lucky to have such great doctors that truly care about their patient's and their community. I know next time I am in the Fort Myers area then I will be stopping in for a visit.

Tanner G.
Fort Myers, Florida

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Experiencing A Loss in Balance?

We may be able to help you regain your lost balance and coordination with our Neuropathy Program. Now Offering A Complimentary Neuropathy Evaluation!

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Dr. Danielle Zappile at Straight To Health Center in Fort Myers
Dr. Danielle Zappile
Doctor Of Chiropractic

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Read our FAQs to find the answers.

What Is Neuropathy?
Neuropathy involves an array of disorders, which occur when the nervous system experiences damage. Many refer to this condition as peripheral neuropathy, and it tends to be a result of damage to nerve axons. Neuropathy tends to cause pain and numbness in the hands and feet. It can be the result of traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic conditions, and exposure to toxins. One of the most widespread causes of neuropathy is diabetes.
What Causes Neuropathy?
Roughly 30% of neuropathy cases are considered idiopathic, which means they are of unknown cause. Another 30% of neuropathies are due to diabetes. About 50% of people with diabetes develop some neuropathy. The remaining cases called acquired neuropathies, have several possible causes, including trauma, nutritional deficiency, alcoholism, autoimmune diseases, poison exposure, and inherited disorders.
Are There Different Types Of Neuropathy?
Each different type of neuropathy has its own set of symptoms and prognosis. Doctors often separate them based on various categories: autonomic, peripheral, proximal, and focal neuropathy. Each one affects a different set of nerves, and the body reacts to them in different ways. At Straight To Health Center, we treat Peripheral Neuropathy, a disorder that rises when nerves become damaged in the toes, fingers, hands, limbs, or feet.
What Are The Common Symptoms Of Neuropathy?
The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy differ based on the type you have and what part of the body is affected. Symptoms can vary from tingling in a specific body part to more severe ones like burning pain or paralysis. Other symptoms include, muscle weakness, cramps, muscle spasms, numbness in body parts, sleep disruptions, loss of balance, and loss of bladder control.
How Is Neuropathy Diagnosed?
The symptoms and body parts affected by neuropathy vary, making it hard to diagnose for some patients. If your pain results from nerve damage, your doctor will need to know your medical history and do neurological tests to help determine the location and extent of your nerve damage. These may include:
  • Blood tests
  • Spinal fluid tests
  • Muscle strength tests
  • CT scan
  • MRI scan
  • Nerve and skin biopsy
What Does Successful Nerve Recovery Involve?
Nerve recovery involves constant attention, a proper amount of oxygen, balance blood sugar levels, and sufficient vitamins and nutrients to help stimulate recovery. Aside from helping alleviate peripheral neuropathy, this is also part of living a healthy life. Our program is specifically designed to give each body part the proper amount attention it needs in order to create a healthy environment for recovery. If you give your body a chance to heal, it will, but you have to be willing to try.

Looking for Nerve Pain Relief?

At Straight To Health Center our innovative neuropathy program can help relieve nerve pain. Get started relieving your nerve pain with a Complimentary Neuropathy Evaluation!